Grace Jones Exhibition at Gallery Extreme

At Gallery Extreme we have hosted some of the most beautiful art work in London.  The Grace Jones exhibition was no exception. Grace partied on the opening night for four hours here and three hours on the closing night. WOW. Grace is so vibrant a personality and full of fun – it was an abolute pleasure to have her at Ninetyeight. The pictures below are all of Grace at Gallery Extreme

Exhibition ‘Sweet Tooth’

Exhibition ‘Sweet Tooth’ expressed the vibrancy of new artists works and was full of ‘texture’. Artists included Karen Mequira, Lu Otto, Ana Luiza Rodriquez and Yelena Konnova.

Yelena Konnova

Yelena Konnova

Keren Mequira

Lu Otto

Ana Luiza Rodriquez

Some More Past Art